Receiving goods in the warehouse

Receiving items is a second common operation on any warehouse.We will use item receipts for tracking information about received items.Correct account of the goods is very important for any business. You should always know what you have on your stock.

Creating an Item Receipt.

First of all, click on the button Create New:Receiving.Then, you can define a vendor. You can select it from the drop down list using the small button near the field Vendor.
Or you can enter the vendor's name from the keyboard if you receive goods from this vendor first time.

Then, you should fill out the detail section of the item receipt. Maybe you have already got used to certain products. In this case you can use the button Item and run the item list. Use the function Search and find received items. Set check boxes opposit needed goods and click the button Enter.

If you don't have a few items in your item list you can simple enter them in the detail section of the item receipt. The program will automatically add these items to the item list and you'll be able to select products from the item list in your next item receipts.

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In the next step we'll learn how to use bar code labels for inventory.
July, 12 2024

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