Last changes for EBay in the new version Golden Inventory System

1. We have added the new drop down product list at the Invoice and order forms. You can invoke it in the detail section in the Item Column. Now, you'll be able to select any price. You should click on the column with needed price and the program will insert it in the invoice. And you can edit any product in this list. You can use the Company options form for settings needed prices in this product list. 2. We have added the Default VAT option at the Company options form. The program will use this amount for import items from EBay files. 3. We have solved the & problems when you import data from EBay. 4. We have redesigned all reports with group feature. Now, you won't see empty Customer groups in the Invoice report. 5.Now, the program keeps a last search result in the Product List. 6. We've solved the problem with similar order numbers in EBay1 and EBay2 accounts. The system will prompt you to change orders number with the suffix "_2" 7.The progam collects all notes in one invoice from several sales orders when you create invoces.

July, 12 2024

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