How to get started with the inventory systems.

Usually you already have goods in your warehouse and you should enter your inventory system physical quantity of goods in stock.Any system begins in the initial quantity of goods in stock.

Create initial Item Receipts

You can go to the warehouse and write items names and quantities on paper. Or you can install the inventory program on laptop and enter items directly in computer. In any case, you should create the initial item receipts with all items.From this point we begin to work with the Golden inventory system.
  • Click the button Receiving
  • Enter a name,description,quantity and price of the first item.
  • Enter a name,description,quantity and price of the second item.
  • Enter names,descriptions,quantities and prices of other items in warehouse.
  • Click the button Save and close the Item Receipt form.
After that, the system will add all your goods to the item list. You will use this list in all system's forms.

Initial Item Receipt Golden Inventory System

Next step

In the next step we will check on hand quantity and edit the item description and price.

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