The Point of sale panel in inventory software.

If you sale your goods in a retail store the best way to track sold products is using the Point of Sale form.

How to use the Point of sale panel

Click on the button Point of Sale and you will see the Point of Sale form.

Point of sale button

Find and select the sold product in the top of the Point of sale form. Click on the button + and the inventory program will add this item to the bottom of the Point of sale form.

Point of sale

If you have barcode labels on your products use the the option Enter by code.

Point of sale

The inventory software will show the small box for entering barcodes from a barcode scanner. The inventory system will find needed products in the item list and add it to the bottom of the POS form.Once you have added all the sold goods you have to click the button Print receipt. The program will show the dialog box with the total amount of the current sales receipt . You only need to enter how much money was received from the buyer and give him the change. Then click the button Save and Print and print the Sales receipt.

Point of sale

After that, the system will clear the point of sale panel and you'll be able to work with the next customer.

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July, 12 2024

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