How to put the goods to the user using sales orders.

Suppose your customer has decided to buy your wonderful products but wants to pay for them later. You have to put off the goods for him and wait for payment.

Create sales orders.

If you put off the goods without sending for a particular client, you should create a sales order in your inventory software.The inventory system will mark them as an allocated products.Click on the button Create New:Sales Order and enter a name of your customer. If it is a new customer the system will prompt you to add this customer in the database.

Then, you should add products in the detal section of the sales order.

Click on the button Item list select several items and click the button Enter. Save the sales order and print it.Keep in mind software does not change the quantity on hand for these items after creation the sales order. The products remain on the stock as allocated for the buyer.

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We will learn how to convert sales orders in invoices.

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July, 12 2024

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