Reorder points in your inventory system

The reorder point is a level of inventory when an order should be made with suppliers to bring the inventory up to target quantity

How to set the reorder point in your inventory system.

It will be very annoyed if you get a profitable order and you will not be able to carry it out due to lack of some components.You should avoid reducing of quantity for important in your business goods below a certain level.Can your inventory system to help you with this? Sure.
You can open open the Items list form and double click on any item. Fill out the Minimal Qty and Target Qty fields. Click the button Save and close.Now your system monitors the critical balance of goods.

Reorder point

If the inventory of goods decreased less than the minimum level the system will show them at the Overview form in the Inventory to Reorder panel.You should just click on the Create PO button and the inventory system automatically creates a new purchase order with needed items.

Inventory to Reorder

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We will learn how to put the goods to the user using sales orders.
June, 11 2024

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