How to create an Inventory system

``Inventory is a difficult asset to control-it arrives and departs company premises daily, is scattered throughout the warehouse and production areas (and possibly offsite storage locations),may contain obsolete or scrap items ,can involve thousands of part numbers,can include items owned by suppliers or customers, and may be valued using a variety of techniques for both direct and overhead costs``.
Inventory accounting: a comprehensive guide. Steven M.Bragg

How to begin?

It is a realy problem creating of any inventory system. And we'll describe here how to create inventory systems for a few steps without spending a lot of money.
First, you can try to use a pen and paper for counting your goods. Take a few sheets of paper and draw a table as shown in Figure.

Inventory sheet

You have to create inventory cards for all items in your warehouse. Put them in a box and begin tracking of your inventory. You should do phisical count of your warehouse and enter current on hand quantity in the column IN for each good. You will enter any shipped quantity in the column OUT and received quantity in the column IN. Then,you should calculate BALANCE in mind or using any hand calculator. You will have a very simple but the actually running inventory system. Of course, if you have a computer you can use a more convenient solutions for inventory accounting.Computerized inventory tracking systems provide greater accuracy and more flexibility in the types of information and reports that can be generated by the program, than can be obtained with a manual inventory system. Right now you can download the free version of inventory systems and install it on your computer.Download the setup file of Golden inventory
Golden Inventory works with any Windows version on any computer.

Golden Inventory System

Next step

In the next step we will know how the inventory system works.

July, 12 2024
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